Clive Maltby
Writer and Director
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About Clive

Clive Maltby is a writer and director of documentaries. His films have been broadcast across all the major channels in the UK, Europe and USA.

Clive is a fine arts graduate who began his career as a researcher in the art business. Moving to television he trained as a film editor and went on to cut over sixty television films including award winning documentaries like World in Action and Disappearing World. For Granada Films he edited Who Bombed Birmingham widely regarded as one of the most influential drama documentaries ever made. In television drama he worked with some of Britain’s most revered directors including Peter Hammond, John Madden and Paul Greengrass.

Becoming a writer and director Clive has made over thirty television documentaries covering a wide range of subjects. Known for ingenious invention he has a great passion for drawing and stage sets. His Seven Wonders of the Ancient World was nominated at the Royal Television Society and Bafta for its design. Body in Numbers, an innovative science series was nominated at the Emmys in 2009. It featured installations many of which he designed and made himself.

Clive has directed some of National Geographic’s most ambitious projects including Journey of Man winner of the Cine Golden Eagle for excellence. The film followed a genetic trail to trace mankind’s journey around the world and was shot across some of the most extreme places on earth. Human Footprint used giant art installations to show what an average American consumes and discards in a lifetime. The film was part of National Geographic’s Preserve our Planet Campaign which won the Governor’s Award at the Emmys in 2008.

One of the many installations from
Human Footprint for National Geographic